The trauma of forgetting your Garmin when running.

Dramatic re-enactment. The struggle is real.

Dramatic re-enactment. The struggle is real.

We at Good People Run want to highlight that you must be diligent when packing running gear. Consider putting your Garmin and iPhone into your kit the evening before to avoid such a harrowing experience like Mr. Head. The struggle is REAL.

Robert Head from Wanaka, re-counts his recent harrowing tale:

“I was running up a local Wanaka trail when I felt something was just not right. I looked down and saw my wrist had a stark tanless band. Yes that’s right… I had forgot my Garmin GPS.” Robert started to get quite emotional at this point so we had no choice but to pause the interview.

Mr. Head now more composed told us; “I immediately ground to a halt, and reached into my Ultimate Direction pack hoping to find my Garmin GPS to record the remainder of the run.  But I found nothing.”

The realisation then hit him that along with his GPS, he had also forgot to pack his iPhone;

“There was this horrible moment when I realised there would be no data to upload from this run. I started to freak out. I had worked so hard to get to this point in my running journey and this was just to much for me.”

Robert utterly dejected then mustered up everything he had to walk down to the nearest cafe for an un-documented latte;

“Thankfully I had my Hoka’s on. I doubt that I would have made it down in once piece otherwise. I was shaking un controllably and could not focus. What would people think of me now? I was thinking. So many people need my narcissistic updates everyday. It was terrible.”

As it goes, this was a particularly bad day to forget his Garmin and iphone, as Robert describes;

“It was another hashtag #newkit day, and also hashtag #chaseyourdreams #hokahokahoka, damn it… I also missed out on some top prime hashtag #iamyourlifeambassador. You see, I change lives.”

Dramatic re-enactment.

Dramatic re-enactment.

That wasn’t the end of his terrible experience though, as Robert arrived at the cafe he realised;

“I just don’t really like running anymore. You just move your legs for a few hours, and just go back to where you started. Who needs that shit in their life?”

Good People Run questioned Mr. Head about his plans for the future after inspiring so many people on Facebook and Strava with updates;

“Well, first things first. I’ll have to phone my sponsors to actually tell them that I was wearing their gear.” Robert wipes away a tear at this point and we wait patiently for him to compose;

“After that, I’ll take a long break and talk about it everyday on Facebook. Maybe some fundraising to raise the awareness off forgetting your Garmin. I don’t even want to run any more after this experience. Shit needs to change.”

The explosion in use of electronic devices and social media platforms raises questions about why people actually run in the first place. For Robert, there is no future in running for him due to this data disconnection;

“Without my devices there isn’t a single PR, gloating selfie, or kudos every day from thousands of people I don’t even know. I can’t even analyse my training data or number of likes anymore. How will brands be able to like my photos I tagged them in? Not even my 10 Facebook groups inspire me anymore. This shit is totally pointless without sharing every second of it.”


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