4 Biggest Adventurous Challenges of Anna McNuff

Anna McNuff has a place in people’s hearts through her adventures. She has made running into something that’s beyond many people can imagine. She has completed several challenges and here are some that are worth mentioning.

TeAraroa Trail

TeAraroa Trail is 1, 911 miles long and Anna McNuff was the first person to run here without any support. It is a mixed trail with paths in beaches, highways, wilderness, and roads.

She had to run 32 miles a day and spentnights in the wilderness. She completed the challenge within 148 days. She has talked about her adventure to children in schools, inspiring them to run as well.

4 Biggest Adventurous Challenges of Anna McNuff road running people - 4 Biggest Adventurous Challenges of Anna McNuff

Barefoot Britain

She ran 2,620 miles,which is equivalent to about 100 marathons,through Britain barefoot in 2019. She started from the Shetland Islands and completed the run in London. It took her 5 months to complete the challenge.

She is a motivational speaker and she applied her talent to convince the general public, especially women, to run with her. About 2,500 runners joined her in the challenge.

Hadrian’s Wall

In 2013, Anna ran the Hadrian’s Wall in the North of the UK which was 86 miles long. She ran dressed as a Roman soldier and learned about the history of the UK. Later, after the run, she went to different schools in the UK and told kids about the history of Hadrian’s Wall and why it is important.

Jurassic Coast

She ran along the Jurassic Coast dressed as a dinosaur. She completed the 96 miles trail in 2015. She inspired a lot of kids to run through her getup and will power. It took her 4 days to complete the run, but she collected a lifetime memory by doing so.

Anna McNuff has inspired women and kids all over the world to run to stay fit and have fun. She has taught that running different trails teaches you about the history of those places and you get to see beautiful natural beauty as well.

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