6 Best Running Gear for Serious Runners

Runners need some necessary gear to perform at their best. They run outdoors in different conditions and often have to face a lot of challenges. So, they need to be well equipped with all the gear that are important for them. If you are a serious runner, then here is some important running gear you […]


6 Tips for Running Photography

Have you seen those photographs of marathon runners and athletes on the tracks in sports magazines? Did you wonder how the photographer took pictures of a running person without blurring the image or how the photographer focused on the runner despite having so many people around? Well, running photography is challenging and it needs a […]

7 Amazing Benefits of Running 720x380 - 7 Amazing Benefits of Running

7 Amazing Benefits of Running

Running for only 30 to 40 minutes a day can significantly improve your health and mind. This simple exercise has lots of benefits and is better than many other exercises. You don’t need to use any special equipment to run and you don’t need to become a gym member to run. Here are some amazing […]


4 Biggest Adventurous Challenges of Anna McNuff

Anna McNuff has a place in people’s hearts through her adventures. She has made running into something that’s beyond many people can imagine. She has completed several challenges and here are some that are worth mentioning. TeAraroa Trail TeAraroa Trail is 1, 911 miles long and Anna McNuff was the first person to run here […]