Yesterday I got to catchup with the legend, Perry Newburn on his Length of New Zealand run. Original plans were to set a record within 17 days but the weather stopped that. He is an inspirational guy. By the time I caught up with him he had already run close to 100 km that day. He is going to continue to run over 100 km on every day until reaching the end of the South Island, with the North island already done and dusted.

We had some great conversation and stories and considering how far he has gone already his legs and sense of humour, spirit and GRIT were working pretty well. At one point in driving hale, rain and wind, as I was parked in the van shooting from cover inside- he tapped on the window and asked “do you want to come for a run?” – then laughed out loud before heading off. Perry is now about 1300km into this run.

Amazing guy, who definitely makes you question the excuses that we make- to not get out and chase dreams… at any age. Check out the reason behind this amazing adventure over at

I’m on the road for a few more days and also shooting a small video project.