One of those runs. An ode to a runners high.



You know one of those runs when you head into the cool night and the wind whispers “keep going”? I do.

A state of awareness that muscles are firing and working together with ease and thoughts of nothing more than right now become one.

Smiling at passers by who look no where near as at peace in their gait as you float high cadence with every foot landing perfect.

Every sense heightened with infinite precision with the music playing through the headphones in sync with every step, breath and cooling bead of sweat dripping from your face.

The fragrance of passing trees, and ocean spray intoxicate your steady, controlled and ample breath which hardly struggles to cover the effort as you move forward.

The core standing tall as you stride out with weight underneath your moving body into the night. It’s like poetry in motion and instinctive.

These runs are few and far between but why we chase this buzz. This clarity. Every stride. At this moment it’s clear why we are here on earth. To LOVE and to MOVE.

An ode to a runners high.


Paul Petch
Director of Good People Run, pro photographer, tutor and a recovering 'runaholic'. Based in Auckland City, my work is at
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