Mountains to Ocean Road Trip.


The question of ‘why’ comes to the surface every time that I meet people keen to join the GPR project. Well for me it’s pretty simple, I love the notion of working for my experiences and ‘moments’ that matter in my life. Running is a vessel for me to explore what I cherish and seek in this life of routine and material trappings. Good People Run is the catalyst for me to explore, connect, and indulge my love of photography with people and places. It’s very simple really.

Last weekend myself and Ethan headed off for a road trip towards Mount Ruapehu for some adventure. The weather was utterly terrible as the mountains can often be, so after one night  camping and a moody mission around Ruapehu, we then headed to Taupo to camp near a river, and then onto Taraunga where the sun finally came out! We slept rough pretty much for 3 nights while we ran, explored and shot as many images of the experience of what ‘running wild’ means to us as we could. Most of all to take time away from the grind of Auckland City, see some new places and to get some running stoke. There is something very compelling about temporary discomfort and adventure for me, as it seems to allow the parts of my life that matter to become more apparent. Need I say it cuts through the bull*hit of modern life, and allows me to feel human and humble.

Chasing light to capture imagery sometimes requires some leg work, and that’s what we did. From majestic mountains, lakes and forests to never ending roads, and the crystal clear ocean. It’s fair to say that I love you New Zealand, and with a wonderlust that is only growing- you really do mean so much to me and my running, friendships and sense of adventure.

Mount Ruapehu is not going anywhere so we plan to return soon, and the most amazing experience of the trip (there were many) had to be the last night on a Tauranga beach where we camped. The moon was so full that we did not need torches to put up the tents, and there was not a wisp of wind. The glow and silence only broken by a storm in the early hours with the tents blowing like crazy.

Here are a few images from our long weekend. Thanks for the support Good Fuel and The Wonderful Socks. Many of these images are available a stock too over at


Photography is by Paul Petch an Auckland City based commercial photographer, art director and producer. Ethan Lowry also shot a few frames and assisted (thanks!).

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Many of these images are available a stock too over at

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