Inspirational runners 002. Sophie Radcliffe.

Sophie Radcliffe and trail running paradise in Chamonix France. Photo provided.

Sophie Radcliffe and trail running paradise in Chamonix France. Photo provided.

Based around the French mountains in Chamonix and London UK, this adventurous couple gave up the ‘rat race’ life and followed their bliss and fill their days with running, cycling, climbing, and being awesome.

I first noticed Sophie Radcliffe (@Challenge Sophie) and her Husband Charley (@digitalsteak) about 8 months ago via Twitter. As someone who loves the outdoors, these guys share some pretty inspiring photos and adventure stories, and I find it very inspiring.

Recently, there was a bit of a controversy, when Sophie got rejected from the BBC show “The Worlds Toughest Army” for being a Women, and then a media out cry followed. This resulted in Women being then being allowed on the show. So as you can see, Sophie not only lives life to the max, but also pushes forward with the mentality that girls can do this ‘outdoor stuff too’, and rightly so! The UK Daily Mail covers this story pretty well.

“I believe that it is through challenging ourselves that we stretch our limits, break down barriers and realise we can achieve far more than we think. We raise the bar of what we expect from ourselves, develop confidence, resilience and drive and go out to achieve more across all areas of life. This is what has happened to me and I’m on a mission to give you the inspiration and tools to be the very best you can be and get the most out of your life.” – Sophie Radcliffe.

We managed to catchup with Sophie and here is what she had to say about running and how it is important to her life.

Where do you call home? And why do you love it?

London and Chamonix. London is where I’ve lived for over 15 years, my friends and family are there and it’s where all my business meetings happen. Chamonix is where I train and adventure in the mountains.

Current occupation/what do you do?

Blogger, writer, motivational speaker and adventurer.

Give us a small insight into your daily running/ training routine.

Wake up, run in the mountains for two hours, come back, eat breakfast, feel awesome!

How long have you been a runner?

Less than a year!

Describe what your #runnershigh is like?

Ahahahaha I always say running gives you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of endorphins and effort and as most runners can relate, it’s pretty good! Running in such an amazing location also helps of course.

Where are your favourite places to run and why?

Anywhere at sunrise or sunset.

Mountain Sunrise run anyone? Photo provided.

Mountain Sunrise run anyone? Photo provided.

What’s your main motivation for running? What are you seeking? Fitness, adrenaline, freedom, mindfulness?

All of the above! Also, it’s a brilliant way to make friends and catch up with people. A lot of my friends are active people so I prefer to meet up and run instead of sitting down in a cafe. When we are active, it opens the mind to great conversations too, which helps to build strong relationships.

Your story is inspiring about following your dreams when in 2014 you quit your job and followed your own bliss to Chamonix France. Can you tell us more about this?

I had always wanted to live in Chamonix and focus my time around the adventure sports that made me happy; climbing, cycling, running and just being around people who had the same passions. Making the break from London was hard because at the same time I focused 100% on building a business from my passions rather than getting another job. But we made it happen and I’ve not looked back since!

Endurance challenges seem to be what you enjoy most. The Alpine Coast to Coast, Ironman, and most recently London to Paris Sportive: 24 hours for example. Do you plan on any long distance running events in the future?

Ooh yes! I’ve got my eye on running a mountain range with a swim and a bike on either end. Watch this space!

How is running important to you and your life and it’s direction?

Running is very important to me, it’s a relatively new discovery and I can’t imagine life without it. Running feels like an adventure every time I go out, and an opportunity to explore the world and myself. It’s completely free and gives me so much back in return.

Music or no music when running? If so what floats your boat?

A mix of both. Depends whether I want to use music to distract my mind, or use the run to look into my mind.

So you an your Husband Charley followed your dreams giving up the 9-5 of London life and headed to the mountains. What advice can you give to people who want to follow their dreams?

You have to set your goals and take the leap of faith. It’s scary, challenging and liberating. You only have one life – live it!

Sophie Radcliffe. Photo provided.

Sophie Radcliffe. Photo provided.

What’s your philosophy on giving back to people in general?

I believe we are all on our own journey and can help each other by sharing that. It’s not a comparison or a race, but about accepting that each of us is individual, and discovering how we can help and support each other.

Have you been involved in any charity events? If so what ones? 

Yes, I’ve raised money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer as that’s close to my heart. It’s amazing the power of people who are passionate about good causes, Personal boundaries are pushed and everday people raise lots of money. It’s a phenomenal motivational tool!

Can you tell us more about where you see yourself in 5 years from now as an athlete and a person?

Doing what I love and learning every day from the many challenges in life.

Your top three tips to achieving happiness?

1. Breathe.
2. Smile.
3. Believe.

Where can we find you?

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