Inspirational runners 001. Anna Frost.

Anna overlooking the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park near Auckland. Photo by Paul Petch.

Anna overlooking the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park near Auckland. Photo by Paul Petch.

Anna Frost is the type of girl that stands up for what she believes in with a gentle sincerity that makes you stop and listen.

With such a positive attitude, and selfless drive ‘Frosty’ travels the globe as one of the worlds best long distance off road runners supported by Salomon Running and GPR (Paul) have been lucky to document some of Anna’s talent, and adventures over the past 5 years. GPR believe that Anna has given so much back to the running community with a selfless attitude and continues to inspire others to approach professional sport in a more genuine way.

Don’t be fooled by Anna’s ‘Kiwi girl next door look’ though, as the nickname ‘Frosty 3 lungs’ is often true where any runner is fair game when it comes to racing. In a sport where males dominate Anna has not only made her mark as an elite runner but also a role model and voice for all of us to inspire too, where the philosophy of ‘you can do anything’ rings true.

Alongside a colourful running career, Frosty has traveled wildly and free and is currently part of a Sisugirls project where she is the central character in a series ‘fearless Frosty’ aimed at motivating young girls to stand tall and chase their dreams. Running seems to have been the foundations of so much more to come for Frosty, and we are stoked to share this brief interview with you.

Where do you call home? And why do you love it?

Dunedin, New Zealand. It’s a far cry from my crazy Summer schedule that takes me all over Europe and the United States and I really love that. Dunedin is where my friends and family live and it has such a great community feel to it. As well as golden beaches, rolling hills, oceans, forest and coffee shops. It’s my own perfect place to live.

Anna Descending from Peak of Mount Taranaki at 2600M. Part of our Fine Art Photography Series by Paul Petch.

Anna Descending from Peak of Mount Taranaki at 2600M. Part of our Fine Art Photography Series by Paul Petch.

Current occupation/what do you do? 

Professional runner for Salomon International where I have competed on the world trail running circuit since 2004. I travel extensively and also create jewellery from locally found materials on my journey at ‘Frosty’s Jewels’.

Give us a small insight into your daily routine. 

Currently I’m back home for my off season, so I wake up with the Summer sunlight and bird songs, have breakfast and of course coffee before some training (running or cross training). I stretch or do yoga, sometimes a second training session, then catch up with friends.

How long have you been a runner? 

I always ran at school through different sports, but I started focusing on trail/mountain running in 2004.

Describe what your #runnershigh is like? 

Free, happy, moving as an emotion, physically and mentally calm.

Where are your favourite places to run? 

I have to admit that it’s New Zealand! But everywhere I run has its ‘own special thing’, you just have to open your eyes and look.

Mount Taranaki Salomon Running Paul Petch.

Anna ran the base of Mount Taranaki in 7:41 the day after breaking the record for the summit at 2600M. Photo by Paul Petch.

How is running important to you and your life and it’s direction? 

Running is just running. It’s something I do, but it’s not who I am. It’s a game I play and my passion, where I have got a lot of wonderful friends who also are in this game.

So it is a lot of fun. At the moment I live my life by it, but it’s not everything in my life or everything I aim for. I create, travel, explore and experience life and running is part of that.

I see that you and Sisugirls have designed a book. Can you tell us more about the book, and why you got involved?

Fearless Frosty tells the tale of how I chased my dreams to be a mountain runner. The book’s message is one I want to share – that young girl’s have the power to do anything and chase their own dreams, whatever they may be. I’d like young people to realise that dreams are worth chasing and that anything is possible.

Details of this book are here at Sisugirls.

Music or no music when running? If so what floats your boat? 

No music. I love to listen to nature and be part of it. The sound of birds, my breathing, the sound underfoot and people are my own running song.

What’s your philosophy on giving back to people?

I like to give good Karma back to people… because it can really make someones day. It’s free too :) As we all know, good karma also comes back to you.

It seems that you are evolving professionally with creativity being central. There is the book, your own signature range of clothing and jewellery. Where most professional runners seem lost nearing change you are embracing it. Can you tell us more about where you see yourself in 5 years from now.

It’s a journey I am excited to find out about and at the moment I have ideas and dreams, but no real plans or direction. I do have a great running adventure trip to Bhutan planned with the crew at Tour De Trails.

Your top three tips to achieving happiness? 

Be true, Smile, Breathe.

Happy Frosty. Rain or Shine Anna has a good outlook. Photo by Paul Petch.

Happy Frosty. Rain or Shine Anna has a good outlook. Photo by Paul Petch.

Where can we find you?

Twitter: @annafrosty
Instagram: @annafrosty
FB: Anna Frost


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