Fun run.

Out on the Te Henga Trail for a 'fun run'. I can't tell you the distance, time or GPS coordinates (I say smiling...).

Out on the Te Henga Trail for a ‘fun run’. I can’t tell you the distance, time or GPS coordinates (I say smiling…).

Yeah that’s right, I’m a fun runner and proud of it. I love shorter runs where I can explore, get away from the ‘grind’ and get a good work out without breaking my body. I even like to walk for a while if I get to tired. Today my ‘going large’ is a half, and it’s awesome.

There is a stigma with people who run for fun these days amongst the flashy mags and online profiles of amazing celebrity runners wearing the latest flashy ‘stuff’. Unless you are scaling mountain peaks on Strava, it does not count. Well I say it’s all bull$hit. Running is all about what you make of the time in these stinky rubber things on your feet that counts- not how large you can go on day in day out to collect data. Who’s going to remember silly numbers on their death bed over places and people? I’m not bagging going large by the way, each to their own, i’m just more aware that it can be a trap that if not kept in check will devour the very reasons why we started running in the first place… which for most is escape, fitness and some fun.

Currently i’m running 2 times per week on the road (shorter stuff 5 – 10KM) and longer on dirt at weekends depending on how I feel. My energy quite often varies from week to week due to life. Bills. Family. Creativity. Friends. Oh and doing nada.  If I don’t run I ride. I just go with the flow…

Anything upto a half is just bloody good fun. They can be fast and wanting to vomit (yeah that’s the one)- or slower and more mindful. Having a bad half ain’t no having a bad 100KM- I can personally tell you that…. *flash backs*. Best of all it plays well with other sports that I love to do such as mountain biking, hiking and more. Gaining half marathon ‘form’ is also more manageable with milage being able to be dropped back during times of illness or plain old ‘CBF’. Sure, I could focus more on my core strength, lactose free diet, yoga, and more- but for now i’m just really happy to be able to run and enjoy it.

The path back to loving running after literally running myself into the ground #postultra has not been an easy one, but today with a growing number of similar like minded folk, the joy is back. We have nothing to prove, just chasing running for fun and fitness once again.





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