We offer a fair rate from the sale of your design, artwork and photography. Sell with us and we split profits Fifty / fifty. You always retain copyright of your work.

We’re always looking for fresh designs, images, and concepts from talented illustrators, photographers and artists to feature in our store as posters, prints, cards and fineart. Whether they are new or an experienced photographer / creative, we want them to reach out with work. We’re always happy to bring on new artists from all parts of the world and share the awesome! 


We have a generous licensing and royalty program for creatives to earn a fair rate from the sale of their designs and photography. We offer fifty / fifty of sale profit, and contributors always retain copyright of their work. What GPR requires is exclusivity of the work, so that means it cannot be sold elsewhere, and we also make a one year commitment to each other.

Take a look around and get a sense of what Good People Run is all about and if you feel that your style fits then get in touch.