Our Story


Good People Run are a New Zealand based running centric project that celebrates modern running life and culture through writing, podcast, graphic design and photography. We want to inspire people to live healthier lifestyles through running and movement.

What we are about

Good People Run was founded by Paul Petch who’s a family man, professional photographer and designer with a love for running and the community. (Read the GPR interview with Paul here.)

Paul saw an opportunity to connect his three life focuses of running, community and creativity, so the Good People Run social enterprise & brand was born and launched in 2015.

Put simply, we achieve this through connecting people and organisations with the same vision through running and its culture, while sharing incredible running centric stories, people, events, art, creativity and news.

Good People Run is not-for-profit with a key focus to working with others to give back to the community in various ways and to inspire people to live healthier lifestyles through running.

The success of Good People Run lies within our collective of inspiring writers, photographers, athletes, business people, story tellers, event organisers and creatives.

Raising the positive profile of running 

Good People Run has a strong focus on raising the positive profile of running through:

– promoting the benefits of activity for better health and well being,
– bringing people and events together to enjoy running,
– inspiring and motivating others through story telling and creativity.

Connecting brands and organisations

A key part of Good People Run are the organisations and brands that support us, in return we provide:

– opportunities to be actively involved in the act of promoting the positive aspects of running and culture,
– a vessel to show and promote their social and community responsibility.

If you wish to become a supporter of Good People Run, please let us know.


Inspiring stories & articles

GPR has a talented base of writers and visual story tellers who provide unique articles and blog posts that capture contemporary running culture and inspiration. We connect and share other like minded story tellers knowledge and experience from across the world. This is all provided subscription free to the running community.


At GPR we focus on supporting the community in various ways from charities, profit-free running events and organisations, to inspiring individuals through:

– providing a free online platform to promote people and organisations with the same vision as Good People Run.

– resource donations that include pro-bono creative services, professional skills from our collective and volunteering our time,

– supporting and organising community fundraising events,

– acts of kindness and volunteering to the running community,

Free online promotion & marketing

Good People Run provides the ability for organisations who are ‘giving back or supporting the community’, and inspiring individuals to promote themselves and their achievements through online articles and blog posts. As part of this support, GPR offers limited editorial photography and copywriting FREE of charge.

If you wish to use GPR for promotion and marketing contact us.

Fund raising events & exhibitions

The GPR ‘giving back’ artist initiative teams our brilliant creative spirit, design, photography, artwork and products at gallery exhibitions. 100% of net proceeds are donated to various causes or charities.

If you wish to partner and host one of our fundraising exhibitions, please let us know.

Help us

We are looking for volunteerssupporters, meaningful business partnerships, writers and stockists of GPR branded products, and invite you to contact us for a chat.